"Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Does Not Work Hard"

8 universities joint hands to uplift the O/L mathematics standard — O/L maths seminar series for schools in Colombo and Suburbs We are glad to inform that the second project of Kavigai : Chanakya 2.0 – Phase 01 has been executed successfully on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of November in Colombo Hindu college – Ratmalana, where a mixed batch of 70 students will be sitting for their GCE O/L this year.

With an overall goal of increasing GCE O/L performance, the students were divided into four categories based on their current academic standards and the 3-day seminar was conducted to provide special attention to the strengths and weaknesses of each students employing different teaching techniques for each category.

We hope to continue this seminar workshop on every weekends till O/L examinations begin as per our plans.

School Chosen: Colombo Hindu College, Ratmalana

Audience:  Students

No. of Students: 70

Special Thanks To :


  • U.Thushyanthan B.Ed(Hon), PGDE (Question Paper – 1) 
  • Sobithan (CIVIL-UoM) (Question Paper – 1)
  • Sirahukal – Uwa Wellasa University (Question Paper – 2)
  • Sajitthan (CIVIL-UoM) (Scheme)

The workshop was conducted by the undergraduates of University of Moratuwa, University of Colombo, University of SriJayawardanepura, University of Kelaniya, University of Jaffna, Uva Wellassa University, Institute of Information Technology & Staffordshire University.

Ganeshaaraj (MPR-UoM) | Jathurshan (MPR-UoM) | Thushany (MPR-UoM) | Kirishikesan (MPR-UoM) | Sankeeth (MPR-UoM) | Krishni (MPR-UoM) | Dhinesh (MPR-UoM) | Kogul (MPR-UoM) | Vinith (MPR-UoM) | Nilaan (MPR-UoM) | Aberame (MEDICINE-UoC) | Archuthan (MEDICINE-UoC) | Udaaran (MEDICINE-UoK) | Sohana (MEDICINE-UoJ) | Baarckavy (MEDICINE-UoSJP) | Deloshan (AL-CHC) | Nirojan (BScEng-UoM) | Mathangy (IIT) | Ahalangan (SE-SU,UK) | Abarajithan (ENTC-UoM) | Sajitthan (CIVIL-UoM) | Praga (BME-UoM) | Karthiga (CIVIL-UoM) | Lowhikan (CIVIL-UoM) | Bavatharny (CPE-UoM) | Keerthana (CIVIL-UoM) | Dilakshan (CIVIL-UoM) | Nivetha (CSE-UoM) | Thanujan (ERE-UoM)